'Transfer of Power' Solo Exhibition with C Project, LA

C-Project, Los Angeles, USA

We're pleased to introduce 'Transfer of Power', Gordon Cheung's upcoming solo exhibition in Los Angeles. This exhibition will take place in C Project from July 23 to August 14 – presented by Coates & Scarry in partnership with International Chinese Fine Arts Council.

 The works included in the exhibition will have blockchain art authentication by @smartstamp_com, technology sponsor.
 The exhibition will feature elaborate combinations of painted lion dancers, bull riders, AR showers of Bitcoin, digitally distorted landscapes, megacities composed of sand and spray paint, and ornate traditional Chinese window frames built from financial newspapers. Here, complex amalgamations of traditional forms and technologically advanced systems collide to interrogate the forces behind global financial crises, the rise and fall of Superpowers, the movement of global capital, and investment in cryptocurrency. It results in a searing critique of some centralised banks’ response to the COVID-19 2020 recession: to simply print more money.
June 10, 2021