Windows for Manchester Museum

Gordon Cheung’s Window sculpture installation has been acquired by the Manchester Museum for an exhibition this year.


Cheung’s Windows refer to homes in China with traditional window lattice designs that were demolished for rapid urbanisation. The sculpture hovers between states of being, suggesting a ghost architecture that would have supported the windows. The windows act as a demarcation between the march of unstoppable progress, and the framework of identity, history and culture that define the individual.


"I substituted paint for newspaper as a metaphor of the information space that we found ourselves in. I layer lots of newspaper together, and then I mould them into forms and it almost turns the newspaper back into wood. It was a way of trying to embody our human experience in this virtual space that we have created on a global scale."


Thrilled to be shown alongside conserved works of archaeology, anthropology, and biology throughout history. Installation shots by Tobias Longmate.

January 9, 2023