In Bloom: Chin Chin Ice Cream x Gordon Cheung Augmented Reality Dessert

Chin Chin Ice Cream x Gordon Cheung Studios unveils an interactive 100% plant based bunny jelly ice cream sundae in time for Easter. 

“Inspired by the florals popping up across the capital, the trendsetting dessert specialists have joined forces with the Gordon Cheung Studio teams - augmented reality creators MetaObjects and producers Inez Suen Art, to create a 100% plant based icecream sundae encased in florals that come to life through your phone screen. A 21st century take on the classic jelly bunny rabbit & ice cream. The dessert features a coconut milk jelly rabbit, coconut & rose liquid nitro ice cream & edible chocolate/matcha clay. Accompanied by an AR target, it brings the dessert to life as stunning florals emerge and bloom from the matcha soil.”


Watch the filter come to life here.

March 31, 2021