Group Show: 'Art on a Postcard' Winter Charity Auction

Soho Revue, London, UK

Excited to be part of Art on a Postcard's (AOAP) Winter Auction to raise money for The Hepatitis C Trust towards its campaign to eliminate hepatitis C in the UK by the year 2030. Auction ends Thursday, November 25. Bidding starts at £50.


Metaphorically the sanded and layered surfaces of the financial newspapers refers to the global information space where instantaneous transmissions of trillions of capital carves out Utopias and Dystopias. Here it is materialised into fragments of faux driftwood from a sea of data, eroded by a meteorology of information and carved with 'fun' emojis; a human mark of existence against an unthinkably complex techno-sublime landscape.

Emoji 1-4
Financial Times newspaper and ink on postcard

November 4, 2021