Overview of My Work and Development at Chinatown Chicago Library Talk



An overview of Gordon Cheung's art beginning from 1997, while a Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art Fine Art student up to work made in 2019. A timeline, mapping modernity's mythological roots and histories written by victors. Reflecting on the 1990s digital communications revolution, globalised datascapes of Capitalism transmitting trillions in an instant and where they accumulate create oscillating Utopias and Dystopias that reconfigure our perceptions of time and space into a state of constant flux. Bearing witness to the rise and fall of Superpowers, the geopolitical fault lines of civilisations and the largest human projects in history framed by the universal existential questions of what does it mean to exist as Climate change and the advent of sentient artificial intelligence loom large on the horizon.


Presented by Inez Suen at Chinatown Chicago Library during Expo Chicago 2019


Liz Sung Productions


Translation by Cookie Chang

September 21, 2019