The Story and Process Behind My 'Home' Installation


Made from layered newspaper and bamboo, Gordon Cheung’s window installation Home refers to homes in China with traditional window lattice designs that were demolished due to rapid urbanisation. The sculpture hovers between states of being, suggesting a ghost architecture that would have supported the windows. They act as a demarcation between the march of unstoppable progress, and the framework of identity, history and culture that define the individual. Home appeared in Cheung’s fourth solo show with the gallery, Tears of Paradise. This exhibition was the latest in a series in which Cheung witnesses and interprets events surrounding the emergence of China as a twenty-first century global superpower.


Audio from 'Home Fires 01: Gordon Cheung' a short video of a conversation between Jeremy Epstein and Gordon Cheung about 'Home', an installation that is still in the gallery due to the pandemic and ensuing lockdown overlapping at the tail end of the exhibition. Home has become an important consideration for so many reasons in this crisis.


Home Fires is a series of short conversations between Edel Assanti's artistic director Jeremy Epstein and gallery artists, discussing a recent or ongoing body of work. The conversations address inspiration, research and studio process, whilst framing individual works within a broader context of each artist's practice.


Produced by Inez Suen

Edited by Rubitta Huang

Watch 'Home Fires 01: Gordon Cheung' here.

April 30, 2020