Group Show: 'Real Time'

Seventeen Gallery, London, UK


The Promised Land⁣

Financial Times stock listings, ink, acrylic gel and spray on sail cloth⁣

229 x 489 x 3.5 cm



This piece will be featured in the online exhibition, "Real Time" -exhibited by Seventeen Gallery and curated by Damien Roach, available from the 20th of June to the 18th of July. Real Time is a hybrid, multi-platform project reflecting on time and the present - a deep breath, a slowing down, a taking stock.⁣


Rejecting the anxiety-inducing FOMO of the current livestream drive, Real Time is a slowly unfolding project engaged with a mode of deceleration, instead of ramping up the feeling of 'constant now' we so desperately need to leave behind. Consisting of contributions from artists, designers, writers and musicians, this exhibition takes place across various spaces, from gallery website, to radio, social media, playlists, PDF publication and email. Taken as nodes in an organic, reactive network, the constituent parts will collide, overlap, bounce off of each other and the outside world to create refracting frictions and possibly, hopefully, portals for a slow, contemplative meditation.⁣


At its core, Real Time offers an optimistic, progressive vision of art and its reception. The project advocates a change of pace, reversing the trend of an increasingly accelerated response to the now, exploring alternative models of being and comprehension, through the elusiveness of the present.⁣


Check out the full exhibition here.

July 3, 2020