Talking About Being Chinese in the Western Art World with Vastari Connects


Had the privilege of speaking in a virtual roundtable about ‘Recognizing Chinese Diaspora Within “Asian Art”’ as part of Vastari Connects with Inez Suen, Chinese-American Director of ICFAC in Chicago, and host and moderator Vastari CEO Bernadine Bröcker.⁣


Through sharing my experience as a British-Chinese artist operating largely in the Western art world, I will be exploring the structural biases against creative professionals of Chinese descent. ⁣


The roundtable discussion analyses the wider context and various manifestations of racial biases, and investigate possible solutions to assist museums and institutions in addressing this complex issue. 

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How Cheung and Suen's professional careers have been challenged by an unconscious cultural bias in the art world

  • The impact for Asians from COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter protests

  • How the presentation and contextualisation of Art from the Chinese and Asian diaspora is subject to reductive “branding” in galleries and institutions

  • The comparison between the perception of Chinese art internationally vs in mainland China 

  • How recognising Asian diasporic communities can help address under-representation and counter racial biases in the art world

  • A Q & A at the end allowing participants to contribute ideas and ask questions 

July 20, 2020