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07.23.2021 – 08.14.2021






Lion Dance is a traditional form of dance usually for important occasions to ward off evil spirits, to bring good luck and prosperity. There are 2 main styles of lion dance, the Northern and Southern.


The Southern Lion was spread by Chinese diaspora communities around the world. Since antiquity it’s been a tradition to wear masks resembling animals and mythical creatures to symbolise the values of civilisations and ritualise society’s relationship to the natural world.


It is this performative bridge between the human world and animal kingdom that is brought together within the historical framework of China rising from the ashes of the 100 years of humiliation of foreign invasion into a global superpower by paradoxically becoming one of the most successful Communist Capitalist economies.


The fluctuating motif within the works meditates on the relationship between Capitalism and the environment, civilisation and the environment and if there is an ‘evil’ to ward off wherein is its nature and shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is augmented reality (AR) and how do I view it?

AR is the rendering of digital images or data onto real world objects – in the case of 'Fear and Greed', the rendering of Gordon Cheung’s digital glitch onto his images accessible by pointing your phone camera to them via any screen or in person through the app. Capture it in a photo or video and hare with your family and friends!


Access requirements

This app needs access to: your phone’s camera in order to view and render the digital artwork onto the image and take pictures and/or videos; microphone to record audio for the video; and your photo library to save pictures and/or videos.


The app needs to be connected to the internet to view the AR art installation.


Limitations and restrictions

Problems and limitations may arise when surrounding conditions affecting the image, whether in person or in a screen, are not static. Avoid viewing the installation from anywhere that could cause harm to self or others.