28 Jan– 20 April 2008 -  Kirkby Gallery, Merseyside UK



Gordon Cheung (solo show)

Preview: Tues 5 Feb 2008

Welcome to collapsing buildings, graffiti covered ruins and neon palm trees in overgrown phosphorescent pools that occupy Gordon Cheung’s epic landscapes devoid of humans wrenched open with chasms and craters. Cheung’s complex material combinations and images resonate with universal themes and archetypes of Paradise, Earth and the Underworld. Cheung’s monochromatic sepia images evoke a nostalgic sentiment but he aggressively blasts this comfort zone with luminous voids of spray paint as if scorching open a virtual dimension.

The paintings tap into the collective archetypes of the unconscious where ancient mythological vistas merge with the contemporary technological world. They intentionally blur the lines of fiction and reality so that in this liminal space we question our habitual perceptions of reality. Think Matrix – the entire world as a computer construct – crossed with David Lynch’s dream spaces, the multiplicating realities in the sci-fi novels of Philp K. Dick and the urban surreal dystopias of J.G. Ballard’s fictions, and you have the cultural background of Cheung’s paintings.

Cheung graduated from the Royal College of Art, 2001, exhibits internationally and was in the largest and most ambitious survey of recent developments in art from the UK; The British Art Show 6 and The John Moores Painting 24. He was commissioned for a Laing Art Solo Award (Selected by Susan May), July 2007. Cheung will also have solo shows on at the Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester and Alan Cristea Gallery London in January 2008. Cheung's works are in international public and private collections including the Hirshhorn Museum, Whitworth Museum, ASU Art Museum and UBS Collection. Further information can be found at:

With thanks to the Elspeth and Imogen Tuner Collection for the loan of Gordon Cheung's paintings.

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