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1 Sept - 7 Oct 2007 - MARC de PUECHREDON, Basel, Switzerland


Asethetics of Anxiety

Davide Balliano, Magret H Blondal, Gordon Cheung, Rachel Goodyear, Andreas Hagenbach, Monica Ursina Jager, Vinca Petersen, Will Ryman

Private view 31 Aug 2007 6-8pm

The work in the exhibition contains equal measures of beauty and unease, exploring the more repressed fears and darker elements of the human psyche, unveiling both our physical and emotional reactions to them. Loaded with interpretations the uncertainty and ambiguity of the work leads us to draw many conclusions, leaving us with a sense of having encountered equal amounts of pleasure and displeasure.

Erlenstrasse 15
CH-4058 Basel

Opening times: Thurs - Sat 2-8 pm

T 0041 61 683 14 70
F 0041 61 683 14 71

Aesthetics of Anxiety



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